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Hack Productivity 4 Announced!

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DevPost and Microsoft have just announced Hack Productivity 4.  Developers are invited to build a work productivity app using the Office 365 developer products, tools, and APIs. Existing apps are eligible if they’re updated to include new features or functionality after the start of the submission period. There are over $35,000 in prizes, including cash and exposure.
Hack Productivity 4
Build productivity-boosting apps using Office 365 Developer Products, Tools and APIs
– Prizes: Over $35,000 in cash prizes
– Deadline: August 7, 2018
– Learn more and register at

d3.js Training

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A couple of months ago, we all saw how powerful d3.js is an how we can create some awesome dashboards in SharePoint.

I just found a video training course on d3 on  It appears to be free so check it out.  From what I’ve watched so far, it gets into using the library on Node.JS but you can adapt it to using in SharePoint.

Here’s the link to the training!